Our charcoal is easy to light and ready to use in 10 minutes.  

No nasty chemicals. No rain forest either.

Just 100% British trees from sustainable woodlands.

Therefore it has to be the best charcoal in the world.

Matt Williams. 

My home is right in the middle of Wytham Woods. The outdoor laboratory of Oxford University. Being completely surrounded by woodland means I can keep an eye on all the stages it takes to bring you truly sustainable natural charcoal. The woodlands we source our timber from are managed to provide vital habitats for native birds, animals and plants. The wood generated from them makes brilliant charcoal for several different uses.

You won't find any sawdust, starch or coal in our charcoal boxes and it definately hasn't been sprayed with fire retardent chemicals. Because of this you can add more charcoal at any point without having to stop cooking. You won't find any rainforest of mangrove swamp in the boxes either.

The process of making the perfect charcoal is a tricky one that can be damaging to the environment. So - after much thought and experimenting we have come up with our unique Oxford Process. This is a tried and tested system that makes consistently high quality charcoal with the lowest emissions of any kiln we have seen.

Simon Fineman.

I am Chairman of Timbnet, one of the UK's leading timber importers, and have 25 years of experience in the industry.  I have also had the privilege of beeing closely involved with several successful, environmentally friendly, start-up business ventures in both the UK and North America.

As a strong advocate of the timber industry and environmental issues I consider it a great privilege to be involved in championing the production of British charcoal.

How We Make Our Charcoal.
The first thing you need are sustainably harvested trees! We try to use tree species that are less useful for other purposes and often source from woodlands that would otherwise not be managed. It's important to be careful of other woodland dwellers, so we don't cut trees while our song birds are nesting, and we only take what the woodland can regrow.

The wood is chopped up and fed into our very clever Oxford Process kilns. First the heat drives out the moisture, then it drives out the volatile energy from the wood.

The clever thing is that the kiln gets it's energy from burning these gasses released by the wood, so we get brilliant pure charcoal and avoid all the pollution caused by traditional charcoal burning.

TOCC antics at Grillstock 2014.

What a superb weekend and a fantastic outing for what seems to be the best charcoal in the world! That little box got everywhere and went down a storm. TOCC very proudly played it’s part in the incredible variety of superbly barbecued grub. Matt and The Box had the pleasure of meeting some very fine barbecuers. The roll cal is impressive - here we go...

Matt saves the day! - by Screencult. Enjoy!

Just another day at the office - and no it hasn't been photoshopped! (no prizes for guessing who answers the phone and makes the tea)

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